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is proud to present recent work by Argentine artist

Magdalena Postigo     

Mrs. Postigo is a well-established painter and sculptress who has shown widely in her country as well as in Europe, Chile, Canada and California. She is a retired art professor from the National University of Tucumán, Argentina, where she lives and keeps a busy schedule between art-making and private teaching. She has received numerous awards and public art commissions for sculptures and murals. She is Honorary Member of the International Association of University Women (Tucumán,branch) as well as active member of the International Association of Muralists, the Institute of Esthetic Investigations and the Research Institute on Popular Culture, both affiliated to the National University of Tucumán, Argentina.

Magdalena Postigoís work evolved from a powerful figurative drawing base of sensuous volumes and modulated color, clearly influenced by the work of Lino Spilimbergo, pivotal argentine artist who founded the Art Department at the National University in her province. Later evolutions included explorations on geometric and expressionist abstractions to personal investigations of non-traditional materials, mixed-media and collage. She is a natural colorist but her travels to Brazil, Bolivia and Mexico and the contact with their popular and folk art have given her a sense of "how colors in themselves can create forms and visual identities".

These paintings are the small versions of a Series called: "Visions from Americosmos", which include three murals. The series has an "Americanista" spirit and explores pre-Columbian iconography from the Americas in a free and personal manner. We can identify versions of the American feline, a much-admired animal life force and frogs and two-headed serpents, fertility symbols and typical motifs found in pre-Columbian pottery from the Northwest region of Argentina.

Ongoing Auction

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